I am tweeting everything that can be tweeted.

The Library of Congress announced that they will be archiving all tweets.(1, 2, 3, 5) To assist them and complete their collection of tweets, I am sequentially tweeting everything that can be tweeted at a rate of 1TPM (tweet per minute). Below is a chart that shows how many tweets will be completed per a common timeframe.

Tweets     Timeframe  
1            Min
60          Hour
1440       Day
525,600 Year

There are 95 possible letters, numbers, or symbols (characters) that can be used in a tweet. Below is a chart that shows how many possible combinations of tweet can be made from just a few characters.

Length of Tweet in Characters     # of Possible Combinations 1                                   95 
2         9,025
3         857,375
4        81,450,625

At a rate of 1TPM it will take a little less than 155 years to complete all possible tweet combinations up to a length of 4 characters. To calculate all Tweets up to a length 140 characters, the total number of combinations is 95140, or:


With a single 2.5 Ghz computer calculating at 2,500,000,000 TPS (tweets per second) , it will take the following number of years to complete all possible tweet combinations:


Meanwhile, a larger issue is that the estimated number of atoms in the observable universe is between 4×1079 and 1081.(4) The latter number in long form:


This, humble by comparison, number means that not only are there more possible tweet combinations than atoms in the universe, but that there aren’t enough atoms in the entire universe to store every possible tweet. So, think about what you tweet, because each tweet counts.
Github link to source here.


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